I'm On The Tube


    He watched her as she laid there peaceful, beautiful. There was nothing the he wouldn't do for her, he once beat a man bloody for disrespecting her, spent the night in jail for her, and he'd do it all again if he had to. There was nothing stronger than the love they shared, she could read his mind and he could read her heart. She opened her eyes.

    "Good morning" She whispers, her voice low.
    "Were you watching me sleep?"
    "Yes" He whispered back without hesitation. She playfully pushed the covers toward him, she laughed, seeming somewhat embarrassed. "You're beautiful when you sleep."
    She buried her face in her pillow. When she looked back his way her messy hair fell over her face, he ran his fingers through her mane. He kissed her lips. There was quiet, there was peace, time seemed to stand still, this is the best part of love he thought to himself. 
    As the morning light brings the earth to life they, the two souls make love and embraced one another. The sun shined in and warmth swept through their bodies and with each ray that raced across their flesh,. Her honey colored skin melted into his, she pulled on his short hair, he pulled her closer. He nibbled on her neck,  and earlobes, his fingers ran up and down her entire body. 

  (12-3-11)  Mornings were always his favorite time of day because of her, he got to see her, hold her make love to her. They had a routine, it was theirs something that only they had, only they knew. Coffee with breakfast, a newspaper and conversation, that's all they needed to start the day, that's all they needed until their demise.

    "Will you be home in time for dinner?" She always felt bad for asking that question, she hated to sound so needy.
    "Yes, I will be home in time for dinner I've already stood you up twice this week. I would be disappointed in myself if I missed dinner tonight. She looked surprised, their lives had been surrounded by work lately, mostly his.
(12-11-11) "Good, I didn't want to put you on the couch tonight, don't forget to pick up milk and bread on your way home." She kissed her man on the lips, his strong arms squeezed her body, she smiled while being embraced her ear to his chest enjoying the rhythm of his heart. "Be careful...I love you."
     "I love you back."



****so, what is this? I just wanted to start a story and basically make it into whatever I want. This story will be ever changing until I feel like ending it and starting another. You will notice random stopping points at the end of each entry, that will be normal.

The other story, The Corner Cafe, I will try to bring back, it was unfortunately deleted by me on accident.( I'm seriously pissed and sick over it...no I did not back it up. GRRR. I digress)***