I'm On The Tube

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Give Me You

I'm seeing you and me, flashes - glimpses of what could be 
What I think should be the pressure, what am I doing
No thinking, I want to get lost in lust
Without you I feel there is no breath in me 
Attention to my senses you pay
Touch me, Feel me, dig, get in me
Everything happens so quickly 
My core vibrates when you infect 
Creep into my wicked mind
What do I do next
I know this is not supposed to begin
Your skin I want to dig in - Give me you
Give me you, quiet is sound, give me you 
I want you so bad it hurts - Something I can't have
Always left wanting always left longing for something
I just cant have
To make love in other ways 
To give into one another - in honorable ways
To eat from one another's knowledge to receive 
Truth a midst the illusion of my fantasized reality  
She screams in her dreams 
Give me you, quiet is sound, give me you
Another sad love song 
Two hearts that will always and never beat as one
Quiet is sound