I'm On The Tube

Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Holidays To You All

May you heels be swift, may you glide through the isles 
May you not falter in this season of smiles
Be weary, a dark day looms 
Pepper sprayed faces, trampled in many place 
Have fun with your shiny new find, give good and watch your behind
When your shopping fun is done
You hit the lot - you notice Happy Holidays 
Spelled with peppermint, left in the spot, in the lot
Where your car once sat 
Happy Holidays ...

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I Hunger For This Man

He is such a man, a man with meaning a man with conviction
He is a mans-man, he wears his armor with pride
He makes her smile, he makes her weak
The thought of him fills her from the deep
A dark place her love has been festering, wanting to grow
Wanting to let go
The touch of his hand, she can't wait, breathless
Her closed eyes lead to places of unrest, sleepless nights
Passion. fire, pain, sweat, all of the goodies one would expect
Strangers look on with envy, yearning to taste a a morsel of the love that laid deep
For so long its been wanting to creep, seep, spread
God, this man, complete opposites, a perfect pair
Her hands pained with emptiness, waiting, wanting
When will she be in his arms
When will he feel her sweet kiss
She won't mind being put in her place, as long as he remains in his
 A role they each play with pleasure and obey the bond between lovers
Each day awaken a new, each day something new
Exciting, adventurous, a day of passion, a night of ecstasy
She closes her eyes and dreams, she dreams the sweetest dreams
His hands running down her back, his kisses on her neck
Embraced, engulfed, completely submerged in his being
Suffocated by with love and peace 
How can they ever leave, how can they ever part
Tow halves of opposite coins, to rights on the wrong side
Everything that is wrong is ever so right
He is such a man, he is a mans-man
He is my man ...  

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Untitled ...

The castle made of sand meted in her hand 
The rain fell upon the earth
Never to see her cry, they washed away, they try
A struggle for power, a want for peace, how did we get here
No trouble, the fight just wont cease
There's a tremble from within, a roaring boom 
An explosive dilemma, fall to your knees and beg
Bow to the the ones in their shiny robes
Don't be fooled by what is not seen
Just as simple as a mother's hand to her child's face
Wrapped in a warmth, a blanket of love covers the heart
Mix your potions and and bless the innocent
Teach the wicked a better way and keep us all steady

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Give Me You

I'm seeing you and me, flashes - glimpses of what could be 
What I think should be the pressure, what am I doing
No thinking, I want to get lost in lust
Without you I feel there is no breath in me 
Attention to my senses you pay
Touch me, Feel me, dig, get in me
Everything happens so quickly 
My core vibrates when you infect 
Creep into my wicked mind
What do I do next
I know this is not supposed to begin
Your skin I want to dig in - Give me you
Give me you, quiet is sound, give me you 
I want you so bad it hurts - Something I can't have
Always left wanting always left longing for something
I just cant have
To make love in other ways 
To give into one another - in honorable ways
To eat from one another's knowledge to receive 
Truth a midst the illusion of my fantasized reality  
She screams in her dreams 
Give me you, quiet is sound, give me you
Another sad love song 
Two hearts that will always and never beat as one
Quiet is sound