I'm On The Tube

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


OK ...I am back, where have I been? What a fantastic question. My last post was fairly early this year and I have been through so much since then. 
I will say this I am so blessed and I am so grateful to have the people in my life that I do. Whether for good or for bad!
Its that hour, that early AM hour. That hour when people like me can't sleep, mind turning, gears...I can't quiet my mind. I want to speed up time but I know if I do the quicker I meet my demise.

I want to do so much in a day, and when I can't...defeat.

I've accomplished so much. I have accepted my graces, I am learning and accepting the fact that it is okay to toot my own horn. I have to..humility will always guide me.

I sit here and I have butterflies. I feel like my destiny is within my grasp, my finger tips tingle with the energy...it hurts so bad, it hurts so good. I feel like I'm falling off of a roller coaster.

I want this, I deserve this...Another late night ramble..I apologize for whatever this is...those of you that know me...get it. I hope. Those that don't...maybe this will help you understand me...

I have been so detached from what was routine, from what I was used to. Not by choice. I have been forced to take a leap of faith. Take a chance on my life. We all have but a handful of chance in this life I choose not to let anymore pass me by. 
I have fought with my fate, my stars, my angels, my life's path...for far too long. 

I'm done... with this late night ramble...

Love to hate me~Hate to love me