I'm On The Tube

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

All A'board

I watched the water today I watched as the sky reflected on its surface
I imagined peace, that's all that existed, me the sky and the earth
What a lost child a I am, what a warped reality we all lead
I'm not sure why I am saying these words I am not sure why I feel the way I do
I look in the mirror, potential and wasted talent is all I see but please I'd rather you not pity me
If I grab you what will it give you, if you grab me where will it take you
A noise in the background can be a distraction, always keeping focus on life's awkward transactions
Sleepy breaths fill the quiet space, only one light on, the window cracked, let the air in embrace
That breeze, that cool gentle breeze it gets me every time
An over sized sweater hangs off my shoulder, panties, and socks
The truth, I'm raw, something is missing, missing
A part of me forever remaining detached, fold it all over to you another
I could never...would never
Now, scattered chess pieces lay across the glass board
Time to start a new game new year, new fears
Dare I take the ride...All A'board 

From my heart to yours~