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Saturday, March 17, 2012

My Recent Visit To The Adler Planetarium

EVENT: Adler After Dark
WHERE: Adler Planetarium 
1300 S Lake Shore Dr.
Chicago, IL 60605

(312) 922-7827

FROM: 6:00p-10pm
COST: $-$$$

Hey all I know its been a while since my last post, I had to take a much needed simpatico...now I am back!

      Recently Mom, Michael, Katie and myself ventured out to the Adler Planetarium to take part in what they call the Adler After Dark. Let me just say that we all had a blast, when we first arrived there was a nice man at the door that asked for our ID's...We showed him our ID's and we were in and ready to enjoy all that the night had to offer.

      The lobby was busy with just the right amount of people, we arrived about fifteen minutes after the party started. A staff member greeted our party pretty promptly (ha that's a tongue twister) and lead us to the will call line, I grabbed the tickets and left one at the door for a friend that was to meet up with us a bit later with no problems. I checked my coat and was pleasantly surprised to only have to pay $1 to check my coat.

       As soon as you head over to the action you will walk through an interactive exhibit be sure to check it out, we didn't spend too much time in there I guess we were so excited about getting the party started we just sort off passed right through it. I tried to view the exhibit as we headed out but they'd turned the screens off. So be sure to see what its all aboutWe were were greeted by a sea of people as we walked into the main area, some  attendants were over dressed, a few fit for the occasion and others...well, it's best not to judge a book by its cover.      
    The theme of the night was indulgence and the finer things in life, like chocolates, diamonds, and so on. After noshing on some grub and grabbing our first drink we headed off on our mission into space. We hopped on the moon, rather an interactive simulation that gave me quite a work out and had me sweating. We even had a bit of space knowledge dropped on us...mom was listening below... what a blast.

This was so much fun, I can't wait to go back, there is so much to see and take in.

 I love the fact that the planetarium offered many interactive displays and exhibits.

Curious Katie was quite the space explorer, from the jumping on the moon, to toying with cosmic rays this girl did it all. She even walked on the moon Katie enjoyed the interactions with the exhibits. Katie looks like an explorer, ahoy!!

I also did my part by creating my own universe just by waving my hands in front of a large screen. Ha, picture that. Me. Creating someones' universe, I kind of felt like Mickey Mouse in Fantasia.  

    No matter where you went in this place there was something to grab and pull at your attention, for instance my Mom was getting her boogie on in front of a infrared heat screen while I was across from her doing what you see above, I'll show more fun pics below.

      While enjoying the night the gang and I were able to take in two of the shows for some reason I remember the title, one mainly because it was titled Space Junk. Reason number two it was kind of boring, tons of great information but boring. 

The other show was about the many constellations, where they are located in our skies, and their origins all accompanied by classical music. The host was awesome he was funny and kept the crowd in check when it came to flash photography, and people trying take pictures in an extremely dark room, it really messes with your eyes. I'm happy I had the chance to see both shows I will definitely be seeing the others on my next visit.
This shindig is a great place to go on a date, hang out with friends, or maybe even meet some new ones. I really did have one hell of a time I am so excited about going back. 

Boy did we have a blast. This is the gang posing in space!

Please help them...lol

How cute, more fun times at the Adler Planetarium.

This is what its like to be frozen in space, liquid nitrogen. We even ate frozen gummy bears and marshmallows....we dipped em and ate em. As you can see we were dipping flowers and then smashing them to frozen bits, Katie took a mallet to hers....mom felt bad b/c we were using flowers. Me...I was just happy they let me play with liquid nitrogen.

Michael had to cool off after the moon walk work out!!

Great views, awesome times, and I would not have done it with any other crew!! Thanks for a great night Mom, Michael and Katie Boo!

The were freezing I made them wait forever to take this, I was still learning how to work my new SLR.
There are also tons of great views of the city's skyline so take advantage. Have a great outing hope to see you at the next one.



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