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Friday, April 1, 2011

Book Review: This Book Will Save Your Life

Title: This Book Will Save Your Life
Author: A.M. Homes

I definitely urge all you control freaks out there to read this book. Where do I begin the tale of Richard Novak, this tale is a strange one. Awakened one day by an extreme pain Richard a complete control freak, starts to rethink his life, how much of himself he does not know, throw in a few unexpected friendships and all this while trying to figuring out how to fix the mistakes of his past and present.
A divorce Richard becomes somewhat lost in his own "perfect" world, everyday he did the same thing and before he knew it he was a middle aged man seemingly lacking social interactions.I really enjoyed how A.M. Homes takes you into this characters world,wealthy, detached from his family and for the most part friendless. Richard threw himself into  his structured world from his daily workout to his housekeeper, there was a routine, there was control, so much so it was blinding. 
Richard is such a complex character, a man that pretty much missed his sons entire upbringing not because he wasn't allowed to see him but he didn't realize time flew by so quickly. I was completely entertained by this witty novel. Each character introduced grabbed you and held on tight, I kept wanting to know what awaited Richard on the next page. This character will take you on a self discovering journey, one filled with laughter, pity, love, anger, and hope. Hope of being able to change, connect, and make something of ones life. A.M. Homes really made me think twice about decisions I have made in my life and questions I have been too afraid to ask. I recommend this book to anyone that is tired of the mundane and routine in their lives. Get out there and live, connect, and love.

Happy Reading!!

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