I'm On The Tube

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


The streets below played music, the crowd surrounded
The people cheered, they cheered a good cheer
No pain no fear, just the moment, now, here, this, ours
The train speeds by, no windows shaking, no babies waking
The city life, the not to be pitied life, the ever evolving concrete jungle
Ready to eat you alive, beneath... you are pulled, and beneath you shall struggle
The bottom, the pits, that's what they call it, serenaded by the dark
Clawing for what you see as yours, just or that of illusions, who are we to judge
To once have enjoyed the sparkle of life, that flaming bonfire 
My palms got this itch, to get to it is a bitch
The streets below played music, the crowd surrounded
People jeered and peered through the looking glass
I shield my eyes from the light, in hopes I can lead and steer others right
Is this a dream, are we just here rowing in life's boat 
The silly ramblings of a young woman girl