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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Just Some Words...

     It saddens me when I think about the human struggle, man kinds everlasting love with more. So much of mans history is filled with greed, enslavement, hatred, and fear. It makes me sick when I think about what has been done to all skin, especially brown skin. The survivors of the struggle, the ones that stood strong and tall in the face of hopelessness. I want for us, we, humans, to want and be much more. I know there is something great in all of us and if we could just get it together, and act as one, we humans could be so great....Blah...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Save Money On Your Next Do

Hey all here is the new do!!

Sorry I did not record myself installing the weave. Below will be a detailed description of how to get this look.

First, wash and treat your hair, condition it, moisturize it, put treatments in it do a full treatment work up on your hair. I also applied a bit of heat protector to my natural hair as well.

Second, once hair is dry put a generous amount of black styling gel in it(I hate the stuff but it works, and thats why I super treat my hair with all the good stuff). You can wrap your hair, or pull it straight back. For those of you with longer hair you will want to braid it straight back or wrap your hair you want your hair to basically be plastered to your head. After you have applied the gel sit under the dryer for 10-16 min, gel must be completely dry before applying the GPS (Growth Protection Solution). 

Third apply the GPS, and then go under the dryer again until your head is completely dry. When the GPS is fully dried your hair will be really firm and somewhat shiny. Once your hair is dry, you can then start installing your weave.

I used the remainder of my 27 piece weave and I used a portion of a 30 I have for the back portion of my head. I used 10" hair for the the longer portion of the style. I used a combination of color(1, 1B, & 30).

BONUS: none of the hair used in the making of this video was over $9.99. SWEET!!

If you are having any questions you are more than welcome to place any questions in the comment portion of this entry or just email me @ tishwritesright@gmail.com

Peace and Blessings~

Umm yeah! Don't judge me I know all about the video being Ba-Janks!! LOL either way my new do is super cute!!

Messing around...

This caramel insight, my mind began to take flight
I feel like I'm so behind, time lost never to be mine
To many's dismay it's my delight to produce the positive
On the ball my eyes is, therapy is rooted deep within me
I can't be of help to you if I can not be help to me
We should toast to the great, toast to the good
Sip amongst friends, more often we should