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Monday, February 7, 2011

Mommy and Me Movie Review: Black Swan

  Movie: Black Swan 
  Location: Same place as always! See other movie reviews! :)
  Price: $10.00 for two tickets(saw an afternoon show)

    FINALLY! Mommy and I saw Black Swan on my Birthday, right after brunch. Black Swan is a twisted mind bender. A friend said it reminded them of Fight Club, I think Fight club is way better still. I enjoyed the way the movie was shot, it was very dark at times, then other times it seemed like a dream. I have to say I was truly into the movie. Mom was focused on the movie as well, she felt there were a bit too many scenes where masturbation was excessive. I think it was funny, mom covered her eyes a bit...you are definitely taken on a ride, we both feel there needed to be more fill or explanation for some things. I don't want to say too much and spoil it for those of you that have not seen it yet.

  There were some scenes that could have been better played. Mom and I both thought Natalie's performance was great and Mila was surprisingly entraining as well. It was nice to see Winona back on the big screen. One of her scenes left me totally boggled, mom too. There were many scenes that made me wish I had a remote control so I'd could rewind the movie and watch the scene again. We both thought the movie was interesting, a thrilling mind bender, still not so sure why people are obsessed and gaga over it. There were some scenes that made me squeamish, mom covered her face many times. My skin definitely crawled a bit all in all we thought the movie was good, but it left us feeling void, lost, and slightly confused on some things. I will watch the movie again when it comes on HBO or SHOWTIME. I'd rather see it free the second time around. One thumb up, one thumb down!!

Happy Movie Going!!


Restaurant Review: Old Town Social

   Place: Old Town Social
   Location: 455 W. North Ave. Chicago, IL 60610
   Train: Brown Line to Sedgwick (quick five min walk from train)
   Parking: Valet, metered street parking

  On my birthday February 6, 2011 mom and I went to a place called Old Town Social. I had a gift certificate for a free brunch for two. So naturally mom and I decided that my birthday would be the best time to go. When we got there it was just after 11am, there were very few people there. The atmosphere was very chill, the space was really warm and welcoming there was plenty of space. They have a great sized bar plenty of seating and tables, theres a couple of private booths, an elevated dining area and a more intimate dining area. By the time we got our food the place started getting busy, the tables around us soon started to fill up. 

  The food was fresh, and really filling, I had waffles with fresh made sausage and one organic scrambled egg. Mom had steak eggs and pancakes, the portions were perfect. We also had mimosas and coffee, everything was was made just as we requested. It was a great brunch and mom and I would go there again in a heartbeat. The hostess the wait staff and servers were all welcoming and friendly. The manager Vince is really cool at first they were like we may not be able to honor the certificate because it was Super Bowl Sunday and it did say on the cert. that it was not valid on holidays or special events. BUT it was my birthday and they were totally cool about it!!

Sorry,  mom and I we were supposed to take pics while there ... we didn't! We did take fun pics on the train I will post those soon. 

  I also think Old Town Social is a night club on the weekends!!