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Saturday, January 22, 2011

White Box Art Gallery 10.23.10

Location: 837 N. Western Avenue(Steps from corner of Western & Chicago Ave)
                  Chicago IL, 60622
                  (Ukrainian Village)
Cost: Free

                 This past Saturday mom and I had the pleasure of checking out a artist/friend of ours art work and get a chance to see other local artists work. Neither one of us had ever heard of the White Box Space Gallery, we didn't know what to expect. At first glance the store front location just faded into the background, but then when we looked again [we were across the street] mom and I could see old frames hanging in the window. They were hanging in such a way it looked like whatever was going on inside was framed. As soon as we walked in the vibe warm, and the place was buzzing with chatter laughter and the appreciation of art.
                The theme of the night seemed to revolve around bikes, biking, the appreciation for the people that ride. I will say that was the last thing I expected but, I loved it. I ride, I love riding I appreciate biking a little bit more after attending the showcase.

The following videos were shot on my phone so don't hold the quality against me. It was pretty loud and people were chattering about.

You Will See:

Riding In The Sky-John Bambino http://www.facebook.com/john.bambino 
Another cool interactive piece, John managed to weld two bikes together and make them one. It's also a musical instrument, now that's impressive. He said a part of his inspiration came from the movie E.T. It just goes to show inspiration can come from anywhere. Check him out he's a great artist, click the link for more info.

The Gutter Bunny Project-http://whiteboxspace.blogspot.com/
Such a cool interactive piece, basically you peddle a stationary bike thats connected to a projector that projects different cities...you look like your peddling through central park one moment and then the next your in Europe somewhere. Please go to the link to find out more.

Last but not least...

Bars Across America-John Greenfield-http://pintsizepress.info/
John reads an excerpt from his book, Bars Across America, Drinking and Biking From Coast to Coast. John was inspired and encouraged to bike from one cost to another (west to east) along the way stopping at local taverns and bars, meeting new people, drinking and gaining life experience. He sings too!! Follow the link to get your copy, its such a fun read!!

(Sorry, there were three videos I wanted to post but one of them unfortunately was deleted, cutting the intro to John's reading short, also excuse the way the video was shot. This was all done from my phone, it was also very noisy so you may have to turn your computers up to hear the second song)

The Lovely Ruins: Life Without You

The Lovely Ruins: Life Without You

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Life Without You

Sittin' on my porch playing my banjo
Life without you baby, is like a guitar with no strings
The summer breeze blows by I get a whiff of you I close my eyes
I see you dancing, I see you smiling back at me, this can't be
Life without you, I'm like an angel that's lost it's wings
I want so much to able to pull you near, embrace you, turn away your fears
The scales can not measure what we have, the scales can not weigh the love in my heart
Your voice, your voice I hear, whispers falling softly upon my ears
So lonely the days and the nights without you, they morn you
Life without you baby, is like a hand with no thumbs
I unwrap each day with the hopes that you will come back to stay
I want to hear the music again, I want to dance with you again
I want to see you today, I want to see you tomorrow
You are the one of dreams, people might say you are a dream
Not to me never you are mine,we are one, I see you and you see me
Life without you baby, is lik a musician with no music
It's like a vision with no you, a vision with no me

Thursday, January 20, 2011

...A Dream

I want to fly with dragons, dance in the sky with eagles
I want to dance in the clouds, I want to hear the sound, the winds song to the trees
To dream a dream, this is my dreamless wonder, my night time fantasy
I can open my eyes and still see whats not in front of me, my heart holds the peace
The peace that I will one day find, till then I will just use each breath with pleasure
This life only one how bitter sweet how divine, this life, this life is mine
I want to fly with dragons I want to dance in the sky with eagles
I want to swim with fish I want to sing the oceans chord with the whales below
Deep into my dream I sink, deeper into my mind I braved, I felt my face smile
I felt my heart get warm, there is not much that can compare to a dream
Not much that can take it's place, I laid there and stared out of the window
The moon was bright it was dark, it was the latest of night, no noise outside my window
No fear living in my heart, I dreamed a dream and dreamt a dream so right, I felt my heart get warm
I want to fly with dragons, I want to dance in the sky with eagles