I'm On The Tube

Monday, October 10, 2011

I just cant stop I just cant stop I just can't stop thinking of you
I wish I could pull you out of my mind and forget you forever 
I wish I could take back the first day I saw your face
From day one I knew you were bad for me
The sex was too good, it blinded the true chemistry
We don't mix, oil and water, fire and ice
I hate you so much I love you, I love you so much I hate you
I thought you were the one for me I thought you were where my heart wanted to be
I have to tell myself not to care, I have to let you go
You have to let me go, I have to live this is my time'I will  not let you ruin this for me
We had our chance, this is it, there is nothing longer
There's a bitter sweet taste that lingers, eventually no taste will linger


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