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Monday, May 2, 2011


***I just want you all to know, I am so proud of our troops and while  I whole heartedly feel that the lives lost since 9-11 have been tragic for our nation, I feel that all of their lives could and should have been saved. War brings nothing but pain. Sorry I'm not truly sure what to say or feel so when you read and hopefully comment, please don't be too hard on me, this was written in the moment. I was consumed with feelings that I just didn't feel like I could put into words, below is my attempt at just that.**

        Umm okay..really people!?? You know good and well "our" government and/or military has known where Osama For-Shit Bin Laden has been since the beginning. They say he [Osama] "avoided" capture. Let us not forget war makes money and well the government straight played us all, I could be wrong. Maybe...maybe I'm paranoid, misinformed even. Do people ask these  questions? I feel like I'm not supposed to for fear of not sounding patriotic. SO many GOOD lives have been LOST, I almost feel like...for nothing. I pray for every last one of our troops, those that are living and those that have been lost over the years. BRING OUR WOMEN AND MEN HOME NOW, GIVE US BACK OUR SONS AND DAUGHTERS YOU HAVE TAKEN ENOUGH FROM THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!
        I may sound dumb, stupid and maybe even naive about this whole situation to some of you, but this is truly upsetting me. I can't believe this, there is something lingering inside of me a feeling I'm not too sure I have felt before, this is somewhat unbelievable. I think I'm happy. I am happy about the one man the government put at the top of the MOST WANTED list, is FINALLY DEAD. Am I going to hell for that, for being okay with his death?! I am however not happy that so many people had to continue losing their lives after 9-11, war is and forever will be heartbreaking. I'm sad about the twelve year old boys and girls that are willing to blow themselves and others up in the name of terrorism. No matter where we are, for Heaven's sake we are all human, we are all here on this planet to do one thing and that is to live.
        Is this truly a victory? Is this "really" good for us [America]?  9-11, The $25 million bounty on Osama's head, making him "public enemy" number one, propaganda, all has fuelled this war. It's not just this one man, hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions have been trained in terrorist tactics, most being trained at a very young impressionable age. Was this all planned could all of this be the precursor to our doom. What's next for America? Where do we go from here? Chants of our victory will spill into the streets tonight I'm sure. New York's streets must be 'a buzzin' (they have every right). Celebrations of a man's death in Pakistan will go on for days, weeks, months, hell  possibly even years. No doubt this day, this very night when the nation found out Osama was killed will go down in American history as one of our great moments. I wouldn't be surprised if this day became a national holiday. Would you?
         9-11, G-Dub George Bush), Obama is elected, the economy sucks, and now this it all seems so orchestrated sometimes, we have the best military in the world and you mean to tell me we couldn't find one man in ten years. Rumors are all over the place when it comes to 9-11, from the $20 bill trick to whispers of the government having intel on what was going to happen. I could go on for days...
        The senseless slaughter that fate less day, an eye for an eye, you damn right, Im all about it but, to what end? Again am I wrong? I truly don't know, I know this is closure for so many and I am so grateful that so many can sleep a little easier tonight, it still does not make up for the 3000 lives lost.
        The leader of Al-Qaida is dead...What's next for us? 

Sunday, May 1, 2011 10:00p


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