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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Review of White Noise A Cautionary Rock Musical Presented by Whoopi Goldberg

 I have to start out by saying this is definitely a must see from the minute the lights dimmed and the audience became silent I was hooked. I had heard nothing of this production, not because it was not worthy of mention I just happened to be out of the loop on this one. I was told by a co-worker that there was buzz surrounding it and that the topic would be about racism and my mom filled me in a bit as well. I am still reeling off of the music, the acting,  and the intensity of it all.
The characters were so offensively good I found my jaw was hitting the floor on many occasions during the duration of the play. The story that unfolds before you is two tales wrapped up in one, a tale of two Nazi sisters and the other was that of two brothers well educated and successful. I truly do not know where to begin after viewing such a great piece of work.
This piece is all about teaching tolerance, its about making people aware of what "humans" are really like, it pulls you so far into reality it's frightening, this was my first rock musical and I am dying for more. Eva and Eden Stiller are two sisters that one would basically categorized as "Aryan," Eden also has a "skinhead" boyfriend named Duke. The three of them have formed a band so that they can spread their Hitler quoting, racist, and offensive music and let me add the songs were beyond shocking, in a good way.
Tyler and Dion are two brothers that are "bortha's," the two had a great upbringing, college grads and are hungry for success, some how things get twisted and they end up "gangster rapping."
 What do the two have in common? They are both on the same music label and when the two bands paths cross things get "real" real fast.
 Jake, Max, and Laurel are the links that keep this story together they are all connected to one another. There was so much depth to the ensemble, the dancers were phenomenal, they made me want to dust off my dancing shoes. There was so much emotion on the stage words like "homo depot" and "nigger" were thrown around by all skin, at times it was so uncomfortably enticing, I didn't know whether to laugh, cry, be angry, or sad.
 The stage tonight was filled with so much raw talent, the band, the dancers, to the actors. We have the choice, we choose to be ignorant or unaware of what we do, say, and believe how one another are. I have joked many a day with friends of all races some of the things we may say to one another may be offensive to others. I guess sometimes we feel its better to laugh at these things because stereotypes are so stupid, and ignorance is truly a disgusting bliss.
At the end of the performance I had the opportunity to ask a question. I asked the cast how easy or how hard was it to put themselves inside there characters shoes and I received such great feedback. For Luba (Laurel) she was able to pull some of her emotions from people that she knows or has known. For Mackenzie (Eva) she finds that knowing how close the actual cast is, they are a unit, they are like family so its comforting knowing this. When she puts herself in that mindset(Eva's) and walks on stage the acting is just that. I have to say though she was great, the walk, the talk, they all were amazing. Patrick(Duke) said he actually did research on top of really building a story around his character, from there once its time to start performing he takes what he has learned leaves it at the door and dives right into character.
I have been truly moved and forever changed in such an amazing way and I actually am so proud and happy that I truly love all races and mankind, there is no hate in my heart and I am so proud to say that! Although there are a few INDIVIDUALS that I can do without!! : )

This is such a great experience for kids, young adults, families, and anyone that walks the planet. Please be aware that there is strong language and young ones should be told what to expect and talked with before and after seeing this show. Please do your reasearch!!

This is so great for groups or just a great awakening night out.
Ticket prices $25.00 front row (STUDENTS ONLY tickets subject to change)
Follow the links below or call!!




In case you did not know this is a Whoopi Goldberg production!!

***Special shout out to the behind the scenes crew. THE BAND, THE LIGHTING, BACKSTAGE EXCELLENT SHOW GUYS!!****

Hey all thanks so much for checking me out be sure to let me know what you think!

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