I'm On The Tube

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Life Without You

Sittin' on my porch playing my banjo
Life without you baby, is like a guitar with no strings
The summer breeze blows by I get a whiff of you I close my eyes
I see you dancing, I see you smiling back at me, this can't be
Life without you, I'm like an angel that's lost it's wings
I want so much to able to pull you near, embrace you, turn away your fears
The scales can not measure what we have, the scales can not weigh the love in my heart
Your voice, your voice I hear, whispers falling softly upon my ears
So lonely the days and the nights without you, they morn you
Life without you baby, is like a hand with no thumbs
I unwrap each day with the hopes that you will come back to stay
I want to hear the music again, I want to dance with you again
I want to see you today, I want to see you tomorrow
You are the one of dreams, people might say you are a dream
Not to me never you are mine,we are one, I see you and you see me
Life without you baby, is lik a musician with no music
It's like a vision with no you, a vision with no me


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