I'm On The Tube

Friday, September 3, 2010

Seriously I Want One!!

I'm not sure is this a good thing or a bad thing?! I wonder what this kid is going to be when he grows up!! I'm going with...PIMP or Drug Dealer..still gonna be bumping the same tune..."Hopped up out the bed...turn my swag on"

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Can Someone Please Explain??!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wednesday, September 1, 2010 1:00a

There has been such a change in me
For the good for the bad shit I can't see
I do right by those that do right by me
I understand those that just don't see
The bigger picture looms closer
I can feel it fuel my hunger
I opened my eyes and realized this is it
This is where I want to be
No more chasing time to start winning
Sick ambition, wealthy is my sweet fruition
Adult on my own, this is what life is supposed to be

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The black tip of her nail, skin crawled with the pace of a snail
Open your eyes to me, I want to open your heart and see
Take my revenge on deceit, desired dreams all to pieces
I cant let you go don't wanna let you know
This cliff's jagged edge is going to be the death of me
Mole on my hand your favorite spot used to be
Define me by definition, recognize I need recognition
Understanding is me, the fragments
Goose bumps to once silky smooth skin
My open wounds looked fresh and new, inside burning with fire
The black tip of her nail, she chewed away leaving not a trace
The black tip of her nail

This Moment ...Tues, Aug. 31, 2010

This is the last second I will feel like this, never to rewind or recover from this
I cant be wasting time chasing
This moment is gone, so long, singing that sad song
This moment right her e can not be duplicated nor reanimated
To get these seconds back we're talking back to the future ways
This moment I wish everlasting, so much time passing i want to see the truth
I'm alone in this I'm afraid this is the last moment
The only moment you will feel good like this
No profound words or moving statements
This is us, we, in the moment now
Feel my love push onto you, this moment I want to be stuck like glue
My soul campaigning for your time
This moment no other I want to remain, so many gone
One not like the other never to be duplicated
This moment right here this is all I want

Monday, August 30, 2010


On on Friday Mom and I waited in line for what seemed like and eternity, that was a first in a long while, it was opening night for Lottery Ticket and Takers. So we get our tickets and everything is cool. Mom waits in line to get our snacks and I went to go find two seats. We were all so pushing time. I was trying to keep in mind where mom likes to sit, that eliminated the whole entire left side of the theater. That leaves me with the middle and the right side of the theater, I spotted an empty row on the right side.
I secured two seat about four rows from the top about two or three seats in :) Not ideal bit better than sitting in that front row. Shortly after mom came back with the concession goodies, by that I mean all the previews passed and two minutes into the movies, is when sat in her seat. Not because she couldn't find me but because she was waiting in line for that long.
While mom was in line I felt as if there would be a problem, a group of young girls strolled in loud and obnoxious they were taking on phones to one another and just being plain old annoying.
The girls talked though the previews they talked though the beginning hell even the couple behind mom and I were chatting away. People in the audience were annoyed too you could see it on their faces. My got up and moments later she returned. A few seconds after that a staff member walked in. The chatter was at a minimum, the movie continued the attendant left and seriously it as soon as Chris Brown did anything they started talking I mean at a level that was just ignorant.
Mom was over it she walked out again before she did she told me she was going to go get her money back she was over it...I continued to witness the chatter, no longer paying much attention to the movie. We are regulars at that theater. one of the attendants came in and let me know that my mother was ready I grabbed my things and headed to the front, By the time I reached my mom at the counter she was already being issued passes to come back and see the movie....

So we went shopping a bit and..got some burgers and beer....all in all it was a good night

The second viewing was perfect we went early in the day and there were no teenage girls being obnoxious, there was a small infant however. The baby whimpered a couple of times...It's one of those moments when you hear a sound that's not necessarily a bad sound but its not what you would expect to hear. It takes you by surprise, second thought that came to mind was who let them in with that baby. Third, the mother and father were both there, young couple, but that that movie was so loud no baby should be in such a loud environment.

Gotta' love going to the movies!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mommy and Me Movie Review: Takers

"Better than expected" Mom and I both agreed. Takers has taken us both by surprise. That was cheesy I know. Takers gives the audience, something to enjoy. With robberies, quick thinking, not too much over the top action, great stunts, with a touch of backstabbing, partnered with good old gunfire.
The cast meshed well together. Mom felt a couple of scenes seemed a bit out of place or could have been better, besides that she enjoyed the movie or should I say enjoyed watching Idris Elba. She's a huge fan. Michael Ealy was shall we say dapper...Chris Browns stunts were surprisingly impressive. Idris was just....Mmm good [that was for mom]. T. I. we both loved to hate him. Mom thought Matt Dillons character was annoying. Hayden Christensen had a great fight scene, made me like him even more. Paul walker was cool as always. Zoe Z. had a small part but as always she was beautiful. Mom and I would never ever spoil a movie goers quest but...Mom and I felt short changed when it cam to a certain point for those two.
Alright that's enough of that .... Go see the movie...