I'm On The Tube

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Slow Motion

This is my slow motion, this is my sunny Sunday in motion
The way we do thangs round here, slow motion
He crossed the street with his mate as we passed he waved us a hello
Easy going, long roads, cattle, and horse lined our path
Heavenly greens, accents with a certain slang
Barbecue in the air, girls with multi colored hair
Lots of old fashioned ways, so very much reminding me of 'back in those days'
A different kind of public Slow Motion
I stared at the old worn down houses, slumped and sunken into the earth, still standing
Houses with columns, and other shelters made of what seemed to be over sized flattened ribbed tin cans slow motion
Miles between you and your neighbor, curbs lined with mail boxes sporting mini red flags
I tasted the sweetest of teas. long ponytail boys, hunting gear, camouflaged out
Good people, polite, outsiders know, Posted NO TRESPASSING signs
Quiet complexes, wooded backdropped homes
Smell the sweet pink and purpled peddled trees
Little old ladies sipping lemonade in the breeze, rock my chair hounds sitting around
Cows getting cool in the shade of the trees, fields of corn
Farms of plenty, good food, sandals on my feet
Slow Motion is what they call it