I'm On The Tube

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 6, 2010

He watched me as I danced on the beach
My guardian angel my man in the moon time spent flew by like the bats over head.
There was nothing to fright everything was sure to be alright
Dragonflies played on the water mini helicopters all a flutter
My path illuminated by dark
No place I'd rather be, the lush green a plentiful bounty of prickly bush
I want so much to not be apart of that crazy rat race
No longer will I give all of me to false hopes
This is real, real dreaming real feeling..

I know its not the same

I just left you, your scent still on me. I've been wanting you for so long. You finally came for me. I kissed your lips...I sucked your bottom lip...you make me want to love again you make me want to tell a friend.....Your accent, your smell the stories you tell. I'm so much more into you than you are me. I wonder how beautiful we could be I wonder what our children will come to be. Shit my body is still hot. With me you are not. You got me running, going in circles. I can't believe this I'm in love. Not me couldn't be. So true so sad when I know I'm not what you want.. Sleep tight..I'm going to dream about you all night

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mommy and Me Movie Review: Grown Ups

Sorry this is a bit late, but mommy and I saw grown ups on Friday I have to say that this movie had me laughing the entire duration. Sandler was hilarious, Spade was way too funny, Rock was gut busting, James made me cry he was so funny, and Schneider was his usual funny self.
Mom loved the movie too she laugh till she cried. Mom loves Kevin James and his antics. This film even made her appreciate David Spade more, seeing how she's not much of a fan to begin with. Mom even liked the way that all the guys are Saturday Night Live Alumni except for Kevin James, the chemistry between them was magic.
This is a great movie to bring the family to see. Just keep in mind some of the humor is a little advanced so children under the age of ten might not relate to some of the jokes and behavior.
The movie reminded me that life is too short and there is a whole world out there. Its okay to be goofy and let go every once and a blue. Take a break from being an adult ya know? As for kids its a great way to help them remember and realize that being a kid is important and bonding with good friends and family is also an important part of life, not texting and playing video games.
All in all the movie was a gut buster and in all honesty I was surprised I thought it would be a flop of a movie but I was wrong.
As always mom and I went to the 400 on Sheridan road we each had a Fat Tire (beer) and popcorn. As always the staff was kind and friendly. At this point in time they are getting to know us as we are them. Its so nice.
Happy Viewing...