I'm On The Tube

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Corner Cafe Part 2...

The stranger ran along the wall with such speed. Sword in one hang gun in the other. I tried to push the pale waitress out of the way with no lick. The poor waitress was impaled while being decapitated. SO much happened in the blink of an eye. Six dark beings came through the cafe window. All baring the crest of the dark lords from within. There were screams coming from the back of the cafe. There were few people running scared outside, mostly street dwellers and women if the night. It was a raid.
The dark forces owned the night. Dressed in black and covered with smoke and shadows. One by one they were taken out by the mystery man. I tried so hard not to piss my pants. I jumped on top of the table that sat in between the seats of my favorite booth. Gun cocked I started shooting. My modified semi automatic sprayed the next wave of dark beings with such force it sent them flying back through the broken window from whence they came.
Their speed unmatched by full breed humans, I am no ordinary human I am a hunter and it was time to put my prey to rest. The shadows that survived my ammo came back at me with a loud thunder. The ground shook as they sped toward me. The creatures howled. Eyes glowing red.
Multiple whips of electric black energy shot toward me. I managed to dodge the majority, my arm and back caught a few lashing. I hissed in pain. My anger mounting. The stranger was fighting his own battle on the counter knocking the dark figures down. Displays of pastries hit the counters stools and then the floor. His gun shot blue electrified bullets, each bullet hitting it's mark. He was laying there asses out.
He gave me a familiar glare, he aimed his gun at me. I watched as one of those electric bullets came my way...

Everything went black

what happened to

What happened to fire flies
Lady bugs with spotted red dresses
What ever happened to those care free days
The feeling of nothing is going to stand in my way
I miss the days of running for the ice cream man
Oh how I wish things were that simple again
What ever happened to pretty butterflies
Everything now seems so full of lil white lies
What ever happened to simple
So much integrity lost in the battle of truth
This is my outlet
My freedom
My truth