I'm On The Tube

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Corner Cafe Part 1...

He sat there staring at me. The Corner Cafe written across the store front wind. He just stared, he sipped his drink. He checked his phone cell phone periodically. As time passed I found myself staring back at him. He smiled back at me. I wondered what his voice sounded like. He was lost in his thoughts as was I. The fire place was lit and the night was cold. The stringy waitress approached and asked if I wanted another soy latte, I declined, and asked for another glass of water. I took another bite of my BLT he was still there looking at me. His eyes were dark and his lips were full. He had thick brows and broad shoulders. A good looking man maybe French, Italian, maybe even Spanish
Our eyes played a wicked game of tag. He glared out of the window behind me. A look of concern
consumed his face. I was terrified to turn around and look. I sat there in my booth shaking. The world
we lived in was not exactly normal, the world as we knew it was over. I looked at the waitress right as she
dropped the coffee pot from her hands. The shatter jarred me. I had just enough time to reach into my bag
and pull out my gun...

Monday, June 14, 2010

Untitled (not finished)

She said just Skype me anywhere I will be we can chit chat see where the happenings are at
He said Skype me let me know what you wanna get into the night is on me
Cyber love thats what this is turning out to be
He aimed me last night she twittered me the night before last
No personal connection just wires and computer waives in between
Just Instant message me he said give me the dates and I promise I wont be late
Nothing to long for, not a touch or a smile, just a digital jones for a man and his girl


I sat there and thought about you and all the good things that you do
Your words expressed that you were digging me
I took your words with every bit of me
There was no denying the feelings that were felt
Is it really for me to see if these are the cards I am to be dealt
Cherish me think of me that's all I have felt
This is something so unreal a guilty pleasure I want to feel
Underestimated, mind-gasms that are just not matched
How bitter sweet the taste of you and me never felt
Mind sweeping conversations, is this really how it felt
I want more you are my evening addiction I want more of your daily addition
O how I open up, just getting ready and anticipating the moment you feel me up
Gravity had nothing on me stuck to this earth I will be
Time only knows where these feelings of ours really goes
I hope I can endure