I'm On The Tube

Friday, May 21, 2010


This is me this is my truth
Uprooted, undeniably true
Constantly hated, my mind gets so aggravated, pace yourself the say, pace your self I just might may
My words are so eager to play through your speakers
I want to make your ears buzz make you wanna do what it do
Dig my raspy style, yes you're welcome and I thank you too
Jealous much they say, I don't pay no mind to my grind I stay money always on my mind

Untitled...work in progress

This is me this is my truth uprooted undeniably true
Constantly hated my mind gets so aggravated
Pace yourself they say pace yourself
I just might may
My words are so eager to play through your speakers
just make your ears buzz
The shit you clap your hands to
Dig my raspy style, yes you're welcome and thank you
Jealous much they say, I don't pay any mind
To my grind i stay money's always on my mind

I'm not a dope boy, I don't carry a duffel bag this is me, what you get
Don't be mad

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Watched Him

He moved in his own world, maybe his mind was on his girl
There he stood nothing being said
I wanted to touch him I wanted to kiss his lips
He was something that I wanted the inner workings of desire so vivid and blue
He touched my arm and I wanted to soar through the roof
He is desire, he is love, he is my truth, our souls bound with love
I do want to see, i do want to be, with him on a daily, yearly, monthly
I'll take what I can get, any other lady will not be my threat
I'm secure in me, I would love for us to be, I'm just waiting on you to notice me
Look my way, acknowledge me, yes I am real
You are the man in my dreams the man that is for me
I'd kiss your hand, Ill send you the flowers, Ill be happy if we are blessed with an hour
I want to feed you, I need to need you, you are that "it" that I need

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A different Perspective

So I heard a quote that I just can't get out of my head.

"Don't tell me the skies the limit, when there are footprints on the moon" I find those words to be simply beautiful.

We as humans strive to do better, well most of us. We try to attain new heights in our lives, some of us take the road less traveled while others, follow and conform. To want more, not to be greedy...To want more, for family, friends even complete strangers. We have so much potential as the human race, yet we are still so petty, race wars, fights over land, hell not liking someone for their look is the norm now a days. I'm guilty of it, ill admit it. As I get older and grow Ive become a bit wise during my short stay on this floating orb we call earth. I have been blessed, so have you. If you are reading this you too have so many blessings. We are great beings this I know, we have been given thought, feelings, pain and everything in between. There is no limit to what we can do, What you can do. There is nothing to stop us from living out our lives and dreams to the fullest...the moon is not my limit its just a start for me.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Small Things

I cant see myself not being able to do for others
I cant see myself not doing the small things that mean something so big to others
I trust in you to do the same for me too
I know sometimes you're too proud to ask but for you I don't mind doing
What have you done for him, she, and we
Today I can hold the door for you, I can give you directions too
The simple things, the small means
The world is filled with too much emptiness, I want to be full on deeds done for him, me and you
I trust that I will continue to be open, loving, caring, and un-judging
For you the small things I will do

Journal Entry

So as I sit here on my break I cant help but reflect on my weekend...What a great weekend it was....

I have come to realize I love being in the studio..I love being in the booth on the mic. Those of you that truly know me, know I love the arts, from singing, writing, art, even clothes the creative bug is in me ..always has been. Maybe some of the songs I've written need to be shared with the world whether I'm singing the song or not...

This weekend for me has probably been one of my better weekends, Chicago has so much SOUL I'm so proud to have been at the Joynt last night downtown Chicago. There was an open mic, nothing but talent graced the stage. The MC/hostess had a voice that was out of this world. The neo-soul brothers brought the house down, and two sisters had the place rockin'. Such sultry and passion with every word sung by all.

I can't wait to see what will happen to me if I choose to pursue this, I'm so nervous, but fear is for the weak. I gotta do what I gotta do.
These are just my ramblings......