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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Journal Entry

What can I say, today has been a beautifully gloomy day. Stuck at work, no complaints here, my success is something that I shall not fear. What a day, what a day what a day. Hey world its your girl, so much going on from work, to the condo, rehearsals and trying to get my career off the ground. I love life I am loving so much being me. This new hair do must have something to do with the good vibes coming from within.

I have nine minutes left, what can I say, I'm saddened as usual by the state of the world today. I hope for things to get better. Tears shed for loved ones lost. Shouts of cheer ring from the stands as fans show their love for the home team. The rain fell today, now the suns out with something to say. Today may just be a good day after all two minutes left gotta pack up and go back to work.....

These are just the ramblings of a silly girl.....thanks for reading ...talk to ya soon ....



Poem/Verse: August 27, 2009 (Untitled)

You did so well good boy, talking all that talk spitting all that game
But in the end you are nothing but a lame
Such a laughable joke, Comic View is where you belong
You have unraveled my heart and that just wont do

Stacey called last night at a quarter to two, who is she and what is she to you
Calls in the wee hours of the morning ain't cool, I'm laying next to you, why is she calling you
Jessica left her number in your pants pocket, I m such a fool doing laundry for you
Next time check your pockets before I do
I got my own I don't really need you
Maybe next time you'll think about that before you do what it do

You did so well good boy, talking all that talk spitting all that game
But in the end you are nothing but a lame
Such a laughable joke, Comic View is where you belong
You have unraveled my heart and that just wont do, i just can't get over you

What am I supposed to do,I just cant get over you
I'm some kind of fool, for letting you through to my heart
I need someone to heal my heart

Verse for you: Aug. 17th 2009 (explicit)

She said she liked the way that August 17th 09 looked on me
I Showed lots of love no need to be phony
There's more than just us in this place, So much hate going around I gotta get vaccinated
So sick of the haters your existence is overrated, Like they say..she should have swallowed you
I'd be a fool if you think I'd play into you...silly mindless games
You bunch of fucking lames, I gotta keep moving
Bricks I'm not loosing, we keeps it pretty never shitty
This is for my girls right, throw ya hands up tonight
Sip a little and get right, this is your night tonight

Poem: New Shit (8.27.09)

Just another day walking in my shoes, this lady sings no blues
These shoes, she moves, so smooth
My minds steady pace, keeps me moving forward in this cynical rat race
The universes greatest invention is me, is thee, is we..then why can't we all just be
Silly you and fucked up me why cant we all just be
I'm tired of these bills, people in my pocket
I got a baby to feed and a sick papa its all on me... Medicaid, medicare
No one cares this shit is so unfair, easy for the rich, harder for the poor
I don't need a hand out, I just need you to get up and shout
I need you to have my back, you're that other part of me
When the world pushes me back you stand behind me
You ensure that my kingdom will never fall
Your love for me is taller than the highest of highs and that I appreciate
That's what makes you great
So for that I thank you with every breath I take

Good Morning (8.11.09)

Good morning what a beautiful day, I woke up with something to say
I got a song in my heart that I want you to hear
A joyous tune one that will shake this room, I'm so lucky to have you with me
I don't know where I'd I be with out you with me
I want you
I want to
I need you
It cant be this crazy, I just want it to be you and me
No matter what Ill take it all, my love for you will never fall
Ill give up my life
I'm gonna make this shit right
All of this is just for you, any other will never do
Mind, body, soul from my head to my feet baby you got all of me

*****Snippet of the New Short Story****

The sound of my cheating husband sang through loud and clear as I made my way up the stairs. Gun in hand I knew what I wanted to do, I was fed up there was nothing left to say. Sweat beads formed on my nose as I climbed the steps to my once trusting bedroom. Mr. Muggles purred and rubbed himself against my leg as I stood at the top of stairs. My hands were shaking. So many thoughts ran through my mind. I wanted so badly for things to be different. My heels sank into the carpet with every step I took.

My past with Eric flashed over and over again in my head. He was supposed to be the one. He was supposed to be the man I spent the rest of my life with and now he is the man with his life in jeopardy. Tears rolled down my face as the infidelity grew louder; I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I heard her cry for my husband in return my husband moaned for his mistress.

"Say my name again he cried." I felt my blood boil, my entire body became hot, and I couldn't listen to that shit anymore. Naked bodies and shocked faces welcomed me as I kicked the door open. Mr. Muggles ran past me and down the stairs as the door to my bedroom flew open and hit the wall. Shrieks echoed through my home. Covers were quickly pulled over naked flesh. I waived the gun right at their faces; my finger itched to pull that trigger. I smiled through my anger.

“So this is what you do to me, this is how you repay me. After everything I have done for you” I glared at the woman that just had my husband all up in her. “I've wasted so much of me on you; I've wasted so much energy on you.” Tears made my eyes swell, but I didn’t let one tear fall. Eric quickly jumped out of the bed. His dick was no longer hard, sex and fear made the air in the room thick. Eric put his arms out as if they would stop bullets, I waived the gun around. My heart told me that what I was doing was crazy, my pulse was racing, my eyes shot from one end of the room to the other, my mane had fallen out of the bun it was so neatly in. Tears rolled down my eyes.

“Baby please I can explain!” he said as he reached for a towel to cover his manhood.

“Oh you can, let’s see what you come up with, I’ll give you a shot, you better make it good though. My finger is itching and believe me I will pull this trigger.” Eric was a shitty liar even worse at negotiating.

“I’ll be honest with you this is not the first time I’ve been with Maria” I took my attention off of Eric and focused on the woman that was sitting all up in my bed with the covers pulled over her breast. “Oh is that your name? You slut did you not know that this was a married man? Did you not care?” I waived the gun around some more. Maria was just about to explain herself, I cut her off. “Save it bitch, your lies will fall upon deaf ears just save it.” My attention was back on Eric.

“I’m still listening, this is not the first time..remember, keep going”

He just stood there like a deer in headlights I guess he thought I was going to take it easy on him. “Kahlie this is not the first time Maria and I have been together, I’m sorry I don’t know what I was thinking, I was going to break it off with her, this was going to be the last time. I swear to you this was the last time.” Maria looked surprised when he shared his feelings.

“Eric don’t play games with me, you’ll say whatever you need to say to ensure I won’t shoot your ass. This is between you and I, Eric.” I looked at Maria tears were rolling down her face I didn’t know if it was from the fear of being shot or whether it was from the fact that my husband dumped her either way I could care less and I wanted her out of my fucking house. I aimed my gun right at her head.

“Maria, I’ll give your trifling ass thirty seconds to get the fuck out of my house. But before you do that make sure I never see your face again, I better not even hear your name, I swear if I do I will kill you and that’s not a threat that’s a guarantee. Oh, and one more thing you better be fully dressed by the time you open my front door, I don’t need the neighborhood seeing a naked woman leaving my house. One…two…three..” By fifteen she had on her jeans and tank top. Flip flops on by seventeen. Maria was down the stairs and out the front door by the time I got to twenty-two with bra and panties balled up in hand.


She turned and looked away to see her love shrivel and frey

Not wanting loss only loves gain, she looked to her father only to suffer more pain

No one loves her she is an invisible soul an unhealthy glow gleams from within

To be proud is such a sin her beauty surpasses the herd

Jealousy races through all, she is unlike any other for her its pure torture

Shes ugly and dying on the inside

Her beauty never fades maybe one day they will see she only exists to be

Her demise came as no surprise it was destiny to see, so pretty now free they all wish they could be


So I was sitting in my room earlier and the thought of death or should I say dying crept into my mind...lol don't get me wrong I'm not trying to be morbid or on a death trip or anything like that.....but I began to see thinks a bit more clearly. Life is truly a gift and yeah I goofed off for a couple of years but who's to say that I was wrong for doin' so.

I don't know why but I never feared death until today...nothing happened to make me feel this way I just do.I can honestly say I am not ready to die ......although if it is my time there's nothing I can do about it.

I do not fear death I fear the unknown ......what happens to my inner being? I believe in rebirth hell I believe I've been on this earth a few times......I don't even know if there is a point to this blog...its just me expressing myself......

All is well and I have no complaints or worries and for now Ill just be taking life one day at a time and with out any doubt I will be grateful for each day that I live...........

Be happy, be honest, be true, but most of all LOVE the best way you know how!

Archived Saturday, November 3, 2007

Don't Know Much About Love

So.........whats on todays menu?

Is love worth the pain and the mess it leaves behind......love is always so good...most of the time when it is around, but when its gone...it makes you want to crawl in to a hole and drown.

Love is the highest frequency one can be on but is also the most complicated...lol...should love come with instructions? Does it have to be so trivial? Why cant it be simple? you meet someone fall in love and all is right as rain......

I guess if love was that simple life would be utopia!

So...how do you love? when do you love? why do you love?

......and when you find the answers to these questions...keep them in mind...cause love is a terrible thing to waste!

Poem: Truth

A place to lay my head down

Someone who's always around

A friendly face...a simple hint or trace

of you.......will always do

My only wonder my greatest hunger

I cant feel the pain any longer

only the days pass

For you I get stronger

Dreams of golden rays

Sleepless nights, prolonged days

To come home to you is my prize at the end of the race

You are that good part of me you are my peace you give me serenity

You are mine and for that I am blessed....cause all these other men cant pass the test

POEM: Vexed

You try my patients, you weave a tangled web

The lies and deceit you name it I got the receipt

My love was for sale then you took my heart and bailed

A love so tender it ended that cold November

It began in the land of love and trust

So sour the taste so sweet the memories

You try my patients

What a tangled web we weave

My Diary

If you know me you know that fame and success is all I want, to help people and to be able to take care of those that can not and take care of those that have cared for me and to my friends that were down from the start.
I mean Its so close Im itching I feel like a crack head..I can taste the fame I never felt liek a normal life was for me..then again I was never a normal kid/person. I mean there is nothing wrong with a 9 to 5 having 2.5 kids and a dog and a house with a picket fence..thats the way of the US..
I am scared and excited. what if Im not accepted what if I fail... what if ...what if...you know what I guess I have to stop being a punk and just go for it..I cant doubt myself ...well thats what people keep saying at least......
I dont know..Im loosing that glow a bit..the one I had when I first started the novel its getting har..and yeah its only writing ......but its not easy..I want my readers to pull images from my nove and poems and I want my songs to touch peoples souls and my acting to "become" what ever character I play..I dont know..sometimes I feel like Im crazy or I want to give up but if I do ill be stuck with shoulda woulda couldas for the rest of my life..and I aint getting no younger..lol so Im going for it wish me luck and when you see me on the big screen or on E! or MTV..BET..pray for me cause Ill be nervous as hell!

My Cocky

You know it is really better to give than receive..I used to never think so..until now..or should I say recently....I am a true humanitarian..I love people I love the world and I want to do more and start living for real I have wasted..no let me not say waste I have let so much time pass..but it was not in vain I had to learn a few things on my own...and hells yeah Im still learning I have a long way to go..but Im ready..and somewhat prepared...
I have felt more complete lately...I have been doing for others and in return I have been receiving nothing but good..and blessings..yeah I hit a rough patch here and there but for the most party I am excited about the positive turn my life has taken..I am grateful to all my friends and loved ones that have been there for me.
I guess I am really starting to see and learn ..I love what life has to offer no matter how honest, cold, loving ,cruel, and liberating, life can be I will always remember that its okay to be me and no matter what I do..I keeep in mind that I am loved and that I am ME ..I cant be anything more and damn sure nothing less...I am Letisha Lushanne Morris..get ready bitches, cause your gonna be seeing a whole lotta me!

For Adults Only

  • What do you want out of life?
  • Are you happy with the person you see in the mirror?
  • What do you hate about yourself?
  • What do love about yourself?
  • Whats your favorite color?
  • Whats your favorite position?
  • Do you love to LOVE?
  • Do you like to fuck?
  • Do you act on impulse?
  • Do you know what acting on impulse means?
  • Anal?
  • Bondage?
  • Group Sex?
  • Swinger?
  • Lover?
  • Fighter?
  • Hater? (Please note some of you are in denial if you claim that you are not a hater? we have way too many haters in the world for me you get the answer no to this question).

Wisdom For All

The Greatest Puzzle..........Life

The Greatest Invention of The Devil..........War

The Greatest Thought..........God

The Most Expensive Indulgence..........Hate

The Greatest Sin..........Fear

The Greatest Thing, Bar None, In All The World..........Love

The Most Ridiculous Asset..........Pride

The Best Play..........Work

The Greatest Mystery..........Death

The Best Day..........Today

The Richest Asset..........Health

The Greatest Stumbling Block..........Egotism

The Most Dangerous Person..........The Liar

The Greatest Mistake..........Giving Up

The Cheapest and Easiest Thing To Do..........Finding Fault

The Greatest Secret Of Production..........Saving Waste

The Best Work..........What You Like

The Greatest Need..........Common Sense

The Most Disagreeable Person..........The Complainer

The Best Town..........Where You Suceed

Teh Greatest Trouble Maker..........One Who Talks Too Much

The Greatest Deceiver..........One Who Deceives Himself

The Biggest Fool..........The Child Who Will Not Go To School

The Best Teacher..........One Who Makes You Want To Learn


The wind swept through her hair

people always stop and stare , such a rare beauty

A sweet mind, nothing to hold nothing to find

Bitter is sweet, a mind taken under by the souls of wonder

The pitter and patter of things that never matter dance in her head as she lays in her bed

Nothing to gain nothing to loose only a few know how to follow the rules

A non believer and oh such a dreamer, never to follow always having to swallow things that are bigger than she

A world where she can truly not be free to wonder that restless road

To open her eyes and see the sun rise, take in the light never once a fright

Walk the path upright and free for there is only you there can be no me

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Randomness

You ever just feel so low you cant ever see pulling yourself out of the gutter. Life has a tendency of throwing curve balls, not to break up but to make up better people. Life i so good. If you want happiness take it, you only have one life. Spoil yourself, live a little and smile more. Life is great and don't you forget it:) Smooches!