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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Winter...The Stranded Rant 2010... Snowy Hell!!

        Okay, I'm really sorry but, all of you that were stranded and had the NERVE to be ANGRY or ANNOYED because your flight was cancelled or delayed because of the WEATHER...You should be ashamed of yourselves...be mad at your dumb ass self for flying during the winter seasons you know good and well there may be snow!! ITS WINTER YOU DUMB ASSES...also would you rather risk your life or even you family's lives during blizzard like conditions. I think not!...at ,east I hope not
       I can understand the frustration, its happened to me before Ive spent hours on a plan, stranded on the runway during a wicked rain storm. Not only is mother nature fierce, she is also unpredictable, not to be toyed with. If you are stranded at the airport and know good and well your flight is not leaving for a few hours, even a few days. Make good of the time don't sit there and fuss with the attendants at the airline counters. Don't get annoyed and irate with the customer service rep on the phone because they cant get you on the next flight.
Oh, and please, please don't get mad if you can't even get though to speak to someone one the phone. Why? Because, they are answering the same questions your about to ask as soon as you get through. They are going to probably give you the same answers they gave the caller(s) before you.
      Plane tickets are pretty much purchased infinitely, by this I mean someone somewhere bought a ticket before you and someone bought a ticket before that person and so on. Also keep in mind that there are people that have layovers at your final destination from all over. Then there are those that may have called before you and snagged the seat that would have been possibly yours or someone else's. Or how about those that will risk flying to your destination and driving the rest of the way or having someone met them. There are so many possibilities, so what are you going to do?
     Let's be honest since 9-11 people aren't flying like they used and when you couple that with a failing economy, and company cut backs and merges, you get less employees. There are only so many operators and attendants, its not their fault mother natured decided to exhale some crappy weather. To top it all of there are few employees now a days at most airlines and airports, there's barely enough to keep the airport "safe."
      I'm not saying don't do anything about getting on the next SAFE flight, make your calls. Speak to whomever you can, but if there is nothing you can do. Do your best to make the best of it, most people travel with all kinds of electronics, use them.  

    I get that arrangements may have been made but be responsible, make your calls do your best to protect family and home. The people that have to go back to work or even ask that friend to feed the cat for another day or two, do what you have to do. You to need to speak to whomever you can, its no ones fault.  The situation can only be and get worse if there extra outside stresses, man up, be a freaking adult and do your best to enjoy your extended stay where ever you are!!! 
    Just as an idea if you are ever stranded for hours or days and you are sure pack a small bag in the bathroom or where there are too many people(take your valuables, jewelry, ipods, laptops etc), tote that small bag/backpack with you ..put your luggage in an airport locker and explore. That might be family fun especially if you have kids, keeps em busy and this will help them rest at the end of the day. Be smart don't venture to far if you are able to leave the airport and explore do it, you never know what life will bring. Instead of being angry...understand that no one actually thought the situations you all were in would happen, if they did, I don't think they would have sold you all tickets.
     To those that lost their lives due to this crazy storm may you rest in peace. So many lives were lost from the mud slides on the west coast and the snow storm that crippled the east coast and the south. Even the mid west was hit hard. So many people, cities, states, countries and continents have all been hit hard in 2010. Everyone all over has felt mother natures bite. Her warning! I don't know if this means we are F*&%(NG up royally, whether it be because we are always fighting with one another, whether it be because we are treating our mother earth like crap we need to get it together. We need to open our eyes, I mean really open our eyes. I can only hope that people will start waking up and seeing the big picture..... YOU'RE ALIVE!


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