I'm On The Tube

Sunday, December 26, 2010


She sat and stared out of her window, the sparrows flew by, rain clouds hovered above in the sky
Her heart sank there was a knock at the door a sound she dreaded to hear, now she morns
Told of her sons last cry, she had to toughen up, he would want her to be strong, carry on
Wondering to the divine why oh why? The days, the days melt into one, they just pass on by
Replaying that day, that dreadful day, two men, the best dressed  polished soldiers
Deliverers of the worst kind of news, she just sat there and stared out of her rain covered window
The pain unbearable at first, time goes by, time floats on, time, so much time passes her by
Pitied by most, envied by none, a lonely path she walked, a lonely path she lead
She sat there and stared out her window, the sparrows flew by, the sun shined down upon her face
Turning to the sky she smiled, she felt the warmth, she felt the love, her soul fell free
Release, it's the beginning again, the rising dawn of a new day 


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