I'm On The Tube

Saturday, December 4, 2010

I Felt Dark For A Moment....

Can't stand it the voices the pain, the yells in the background
Not knowing what's real, what's fake, their version, a broken reality
Broken pieces of you, broken pieces of me
They say they can help, but they don't feel the pain
That dark nothing, deep nothing, theres is nothing to do but feed that poison vein
And...there it is, that coming of the mind, the body, that chase that
Not knowing what's real, what's fake, what's this pain that we are feeling 
Not knowing the future, not knowing the meaning, not knowing what's next
No time to change, many set in their ways, not such thing as next
A broken heaven, a soul vexed, unleashed fury, black wings take flight
Not quite the dammed, not quite seeing the late, a late existence
Broken frames, unstained glass, blood filled tears
The Voices the pain


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