I'm On The Tube

Monday, November 15, 2010

Good Morning Night

I just walked in from a truly enlightening night. What started out as a trip of woe turned into a trip of knowing and appreciation for my companions. What a wonderful desire to want more of life and wonder, I am so happy for the now the we share. What matters is today, life lived to be loved, one, apart of one another. I wanted so much for more of less than what I got. If this is you, then you are me, you feel me you get me. Faulted days, I've had mine. Unexplained heart ache, I got band-aids to prove, loose it abuse it, get it back and never loose it. Keep it together, keeping your cool. Moving forward with each day no longer trying...being a better me, being a better you. Thats it...now go away


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