I'm On The Tube

Monday, October 25, 2010

Beautiful Truth~October 23, 2010

She's the ace of spades, go against her she will bring war
A sparkling diamond, shimmering with crystal clear clarity
She eats fools for breakfast, how much they sweat this
She has invented the game this game, this game holds no shame 
Stories foretold lovely was always, chosen to be honest and bold 
If you cant get with it just quit it, loosing's never tough 
Give up with ease never feeling pain, giving your all to some degree
Cry inspired youth , come share this moment
Snapped photos out of photo booths, this is a single nightmare 
They say it's only a matter of time, simple pleasures please say fine
Okay, allow her this please, let these note cards prepare you for my test
You have your's and I'll have mine, love with you is imaginative with unicorns 
She wants to live, shes mastered the art, deception and truth
She eats fools for breakfast, yes she knows what to do


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