I'm On The Tube

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


So quiet she just sat there hands crossed, feet tired soft face
Pale features not beautiful not ugly 
Pure eyes, devils heart
Standing not moving to hard to let go, she pulled my hands I looked to the sky
Drowning in fear I came alive
Hair fell down her back, she lost her balance, fell upon open wounds 
Woes of the past, wrinkles across her forehead
In the beginning they say its all supposed to last, for how long they never know
Chains on my heart keep my love locked away
I wish it could all be so easy, I wish it could all be a breeze
It's like someone woke me up and swept my fears away
I see the fire in you, I see the love you love for me, I see the hope you have for we
Take me away please she cried, hands stretched to the sky
Give me more she cried


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