I'm On The Tube

Monday, September 27, 2010

....Letting go

Lighters up, the jig is up, unclaimed goods await you
Smiling faces, grins of war, thinking of the next move
Just cant, cant find the groove, pull the trigger I will shoot
They are not to be trusted, gray faces, warped lips, no warning shots 
Sleepless nights, ruffled covers, sand at my feet, this just can't be
Truly seeing where you belong, when fitting in seems so wrong
Talented they say, you just can't say what it is, you feel it in you
Creeping through, every organ, every vein, touching you from within
Molested by the thoughts of what can be, ragging, you can only make the days go by so fast
Goal in hand, sun shining down, arms stretched a new day breaks, open your eyes
That feeling of wanting to go home, something warm, someone close
Wanting so much to be that caged bird set free, goal still in hand, my muse, your she
Answering the call, grab the hunger, hustle, talk back, damn that
Gutsy moves, be groovy, gravy smooth, old black and whites, flashes so bright
Step to the side banish foolish pride, open, open up, drink life in 
Make your cup overflow, always staying filled beyond the brim
Ease your eyes, let your brain exhale, rest your body, smile your there...


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