I'm On The Tube

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I've mastered the pinnacle of my existence, please don't try to resist this
Your lies do not affect this, deceit, you must dismiss this
Girls passing by with every year life gets a new try
Boys out for the hunger, looking to find it, always starved
That bright light shines in, warmth grows from within
In such a crazy place, how could a love be embraced
Time tunes slowly, always forgetting, never remembering, forever there
Doomed to be sitting lonely in life's rocking chair, trains keep on going by
Keep moving forward no where else to go
Sorry for all the improper ways, No loner trained already at the end of the maze 
Cheese in hand smile on my face
Done, that's it, don't feel it anymore the rush is gone 
Your dirty secret, just give us some more


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