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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mommy and Me Movie Review: Takers

"Better than expected" Mom and I both agreed. Takers has taken us both by surprise. That was cheesy I know. Takers gives the audience, something to enjoy. With robberies, quick thinking, not too much over the top action, great stunts, with a touch of backstabbing, partnered with good old gunfire.
The cast meshed well together. Mom felt a couple of scenes seemed a bit out of place or could have been better, besides that she enjoyed the movie or should I say enjoyed watching Idris Elba. She's a huge fan. Michael Ealy was shall we say dapper...Chris Browns stunts were surprisingly impressive. Idris was just....Mmm good [that was for mom]. T. I. we both loved to hate him. Mom thought Matt Dillons character was annoying. Hayden Christensen had a great fight scene, made me like him even more. Paul walker was cool as always. Zoe Z. had a small part but as always she was beautiful. Mom and I would never ever spoil a movie goers quest but...Mom and I felt short changed when it cam to a certain point for those two.
Alright that's enough of that .... Go see the movie...


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