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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Child Care

So I was watching the news yesterday, and I was a bit unnerved at the cost of child care. I mean parents are paying so much money just to have their children looked after by someone that is probably not even qualified to take care of the kids in the first place.
Monthly parents are basically paying small mortgages to keep their children in school and or child care. Should it really cost that much to look after a child. Even private schools are becoming more costly, tuition is through the roof. I can't help but feel for the single parents that are working two and three minimum wage jobs just to support their families. How are they paying for rent, food, and daily living if most of their earnings are going towards child care. In no way shape or form am I saying kids don't deserve the best care, but come on, people are really struggling out there. Single moms and dads are having an even harder time keeping it together.
The government can and will only do so much, its up to parents, teachers and child care providers to make a change. Even speak to the powers that be, that control child care costs, fees, and tuitions. Children are the only ones that get hurt in this money game. People seem to forget that kids never ask to be put on this planet. We adults make all the decisions for them, lets start making better choices.
It saddens me when I think of how health care and child care have fallen apart over the years. Having kids was never easy, now its even harder, it makes one think twice before wanting to bring another being into the world. I can only hope that with time it all gets better, from violence, to health care to raising children. Things need to change and it won't happen over night and it will take more than one mans effort. I can only hope that society will not let things get any worse than what they already are.
Let's make some changes out there!!


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