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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mommy and Me Movie Review: Predators

I just want to start out by saying Adrien Brody's body was absolutely amazing in the movie.

As for the movie I was not impressed, Mom loved it she is a total predator junkie. I was disappointed in the story line, yes there was action and killing as expected. The story takes place on a jungle-like planet. It was typical how they tied this movie into the original with Arnold S. seems to me like they were running out of ideas. Maybe they should just stop making Predator let the alien men with locks in their hair rest.
I found myself falling a sleep, rather dozing off. I just felt like I lost interest in what was going on. It's a twisted story that seems to have a never ending cycle. go see it and you will know what I mean I am not trying to spoil the movie. Mom loved the action she loved how the predators and the humans kicked ass. The humans that were involved in this installment were predators of sorts themselves. I was confused with the doctors character as well as the prisoners character...they just did not belong but hey I guess they ran out of ideas.
I would say if you have seen the previous Predators you may want to go see this one. But don't say I didn't warn you. The story needed a bit more work. Lawrence Fishburn made an appearance, and as I said earlier Adrien Brody's body was God-like. Go see an early showing, that way you wont feel too bad about your $5.00 being wasted if ya don't like the film.
As always Mom and I went to the 400 on Sheridan Road, mom got the special any beer and a hot dog for $7.00 and I just had a Flat Tire (beer).
Happy Movie going....please feel free to go see a movie and do a guest review.


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