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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mommy and Me Movie Review: Dispicable Me

Finally the villain has his day!!

Mom and I were on a non stop laugh roller coaster with this movie, with a sprinkle of heartfelt moments throughout this is a great movie to take the family or just go see if you want a good laugh. If you are always wondering about villains and the life they live go see this movie.
There were moments when mom actually cried (well at least teared up)...shes such a sap. The little Hench men were so cute some had one eye others had two. They spoke in a weird language that was very easy to understand..lol. Even though they were not speaking any English what so ever, You will fall in love with them.
The three young girls in the film will also make you fall in love. They each had wonderful character traits, brains, brawn, and sweetness, how can you beat that. There was even an "evil" villain antagonizing the "good" villain. I was not expecting the movie to be this good so it was a pleasant surprise. Every character had something to offer, from beginning to end this movie will have your full attention. As always when mom and I go see "kiddie" movies its always packed with adults go figure.
The 400 on Sheridan is where we went to view the movie. Mommy had a Corona and a hot dog for $7 and I had a Honey Moon with sour gummy worms....Happy Movie Going!!


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