I'm On The Tube

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Way We Are

I sat there and on the bed as I watched my wife get out of the shower. I watched as she dried, I watched as she applied lotion and oils to her body. Her nightly ritual. The sweetest scent leaked from the master bath into our bedroom. I watched as she slipped into her night gown. How lucky am I thought to myself. She felt me watching her.
She walked out of the master bath and climbed onto the bed she kissed my lips. My breath stolen. How I love her lips, she gives the sweetest kisses. I always wanted more. She climbed on top of me as I sat upright against the head board and pillows. We sat there and just stared at one another. She smiled at me, she was all that I needed. She was my drug, my pusher, what I was a fein for.
Make love to me she asked, my wife wanted me, she made me feel like a man. I live for her I would do anything for my wife. She is my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I placed my hand at the nape of her neck I pulled her face down to mine. Pleasurable moans crept from within. She asked me to make her scream and I planed on doing just that. She mimicked my devilish grin. Our intense love for one another was something serious not to be toyed with.
She took me into her heaven and I was blessed. So much passion lived between us. She was so giving. I had the perfect woman. My milk mixed with her coffee.
My wife's tongue played and toyed with my manhood.
To be continued....


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