I'm On The Tube

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Untitled Words

There is so much I was supposed to say to you
There I stood in the shadows of the moon
My light no longer burning bright
My heart ached, kissing you, missing you
The rain washed away my fears, a new day and there seemed to be no tears
No more excuses, no more room for love
There were no steps left to take there were no more moves to make
My mate has been checked
There I saw her it was me, a stranger no more
It was like the sweetest love song, they say do right and nothing will go wrong
I though it was you, I thought it was me, us, we are to be
I came to you, you came for me, that was us, that was we
I struggle with this, this battle, this breathlessness
What a mournful Monday, I pray my heart will be right for another some day
She sang a love song so sweet, her lips sweet as a passionate pear
They all stared into her brown eyes they all wanted a piece of her they all wanted her
Hello world she says ready and waiting willing and debating...will she ever love again


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