I'm On The Tube

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Poker Night

Cloudy air filled the room, reggae filled the background
Trash talking all in fun, chips being thrown, cards being dealt
I'm Yo Pusher Man playing, blowing through the speakers
The rain poured from the sky the humid June night was cool
Filled with activity, stacked stripped chips danced before their eyes
Cuffed cards in hands, deceiving faces, no traces of what was held in hand
Smoke filled the air, hovered over the table, lingered in the room
Six personalities, money being taken, victory, defeat
Shuffle your monies fate, put em' down to pick em' up
Some know the game others not so much, cut the cards
Tupac played in the background, Hail Mary
Have yourself a chocolate cupcake she asked
Yes I will thank you very much
How sweet of you, I hope you win this hand
Oh yes I'm trying to win a mini grand
Friendly strangers come and go
One on a beer run we hope he gets back here quick
Many cyphers blessed the occasion, a beautiful night
Women, men, us, we, all chilling out on a humid poker night


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