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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mommy and Me: Movie Review of Prince of Persia

So mom and I headed out to the theaters to see the new installment of a video game turned into cinematic feature. Prince Of Persia The Sands Of Time.

I am such a fan of the video game and I very much appreciated some of the references to the video game. Like the way he scanned his environment to the way the sands of time dagger was used. Even though mom had never heard of the video game she was somewhat impressed with the action sequences throughout the film. I can tell you this much the first ten minutes had her on the edge of her seat and it takes a lot for mom to be into a movie of this caliber. Unlike myself mom is not so much of Jake Gyllenhaal fan. The back and forth throughout the film she could have done without, but again this movie is based off of a video game that she just does not know much about. Mom has expressed that she definitely enjoyed the film but it could have been better. Like I said I am a fan of Jake so I enjoyed it for what it was. I still play my POP video game.

I still felt the dialog fell short, the movie was defiantly lacking something. I feel like it was in the words better yet the script. Seriously Princess Tamina played by Gemma Arterton screamed "Dastan" at least seven hundred times, by the end of the movie I swear that was her only line" all in all it was entertaining.

As always we went to The 400 on Sheridan. I had a beer so did mom accompanied by a kids combo *WINK*


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