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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mommy and Me: Movie Review of Get Him To The Greek


Yes the movie was funny let me start out by saying. Truthfully I am not impressed... Jonah hill was typical. At times he made me think of the late Chris Farley with his unrealistic antics. Russel Brand what can I say, yes he was oddly funny, but I was just not impressed. I was not sure what Diddy was thinking, well money/business, oh I get that, but his character was mentally challenged. I'm being nice. I saw with two friends they laughed a lot, the theater was packed and laughter was on the menu.

Basically Jonah hill was sent to retrieve a narcissistic, juvenile minded, irresponsible, has been rock star. On his journey to Russel Brand's character her encounter a mountain of unrealistic and ridiculous obstacles. Didd'ys character made the movie even more mind numbing. I'm just being honest. I'm cool with Mr. Combs he a business man, all of these people are that's why they made the movie. I guess I expected something more, but I'd have to put this in the same category as Not Another Teen Movie. Yes, as expected there were appearances and cameos from random stars.

I feel like certain things were forced, the chemistry between Jonah Hill and his wife was just not natural. As entertaining as it was I could have better spent my nine dollars and fifty cents. I have to find out what theater I saw the movie at. I think was in Skokie. Ill probably opt to not watch that movie again. LOL!

Happy Movie Going!!

MOVIE NOTE: If you go on opening night make sure you get there early, for great seats and sweet treats. Oh and turn off your cell phone.


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