I'm On The Tube

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Its time for another RANT

So as I hop on the train...I am greeted by the sound of loud chatter, laughing, and ebonics. Mostly "blacks" a Rican and a few wanna be's or should I say ones that want to be "down."For the life of me I can't understand why the youth of today feel it necessary to act in such a disgusting way. I mean when I get off of work I'm not really looking to be in a car full of Niggers and by that I mean all ignorant ass rejects. They should be put down. Who wants to live on the planet with such ridiculousness. I'm sorry but the people in Chicago are really starting to disgust me. I have lived in NY and yeah there are rejects there too but I don't think I have ever been ashamed to have brown skin as much as I have been here in Chicago and I have been back here for only five months. In no way am I better than the next person and it is not my place to judge but certain people should really be exterminated. I'm sorry if this has offended anyone...to be honest I could care less, these are my feelings and this is how I am feeling at the MOMENT...that's why this is a RANT.


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