I'm On The Tube

Monday, June 14, 2010


I sat there and thought about you and all the good things that you do
Your words expressed that you were digging me
I took your words with every bit of me
There was no denying the feelings that were felt
Is it really for me to see if these are the cards I am to be dealt
Cherish me think of me that's all I have felt
This is something so unreal a guilty pleasure I want to feel
Underestimated, mind-gasms that are just not matched
How bitter sweet the taste of you and me never felt
Mind sweeping conversations, is this really how it felt
I want more you are my evening addiction I want more of your daily addition
O how I open up, just getting ready and anticipating the moment you feel me up
Gravity had nothing on me stuck to this earth I will be
Time only knows where these feelings of ours really goes
I hope I can endure


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