I'm On The Tube

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Addict

She sold her soul to the name that everyone knows
She gave from with in just so she could feel that rush again
Give it to me she said, not wanting to wait
She took it all in, not a moments hesitate
She used to be what they all wanted to be, she use to be something evil inside of me
There was no place to go nothing to do, she needed that rush
You have no clue, that hit that feeling its like she was coming with every shot
With every hit she got further and further away from that loving feeling
That was all she wanted hit after hit, line after line, puff after puff, shot after shot
Give me that shit she screamed, her babies dying, cart pushing
Crack heads lying all around, my overdose was on the menu
What kind shit you tryna' get into was all she could say
Blackened lips, brown eyes and blond hair, her pale skin riddled with marks
Nothing but a 5'2" chick nice hips and somewhat thick
That's what the brothas like, that's what she always said
His brown skin rotting from within in soul cries
who cares they all pass by, get off your shoulders and do for you
No sympathy fro societies crew, this is something you have got to want to do
If not for me please, please do it for you
A waste of space you are not, a dream deferred you just might be
There is so much that your mama wanted you to be
Just like your brothers and sisters we want you to be a contributor
I held you in my arms as a baby, seven plus pounds you were
You were a baby, my baby I just want you to be...happy, loved and alive
There is help over that rainbow, there is help on that horizon
There is hope, harness my strength, Ill gladly give it to you I am what you need
Its either a hit or get legit, there is no plus to this just we


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