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I'm On The Tube

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Cocky

You know it is really better to give than receive..I used to never think so..until now..or should I say recently....I am a true humanitarian..I love people I love the world and I want to do more and start living for real I have let me not say waste I have let so much time pass..but it was not in vain I had to learn a few things on my own...and hells yeah Im still learning I have a long way to go..but Im ready..and somewhat prepared...
I have felt more complete lately...I have been doing for others and in return I have been receiving nothing but good..and blessings..yeah I hit a rough patch here and there but for the most party I am excited about the positive turn my life has taken..I am grateful to all my friends and loved ones that have been there for me.
I guess I am really starting to see and learn ..I love what life has to offer no matter how honest, cold, loving ,cruel, and liberating, life can be I will always remember that its okay to be me and no matter what I do..I keeep in mind that I am loved and that I am ME ..I cant be anything more and damn sure nothing less...I am Letisha Lushanne Morris..get ready bitches, cause your gonna be seeing a whole lotta me!


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