I'm On The Tube

Thursday, May 13, 2010

*****Snippet of the New Short Story****

The sound of my cheating husband sang through loud and clear as I made my way up the stairs. Gun in hand I knew what I wanted to do, I was fed up there was nothing left to say. Sweat beads formed on my nose as I climbed the steps to my once trusting bedroom. Mr. Muggles purred and rubbed himself against my leg as I stood at the top of stairs. My hands were shaking. So many thoughts ran through my mind. I wanted so badly for things to be different. My heels sank into the carpet with every step I took.

My past with Eric flashed over and over again in my head. He was supposed to be the one. He was supposed to be the man I spent the rest of my life with and now he is the man with his life in jeopardy. Tears rolled down my face as the infidelity grew louder; I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I heard her cry for my husband in return my husband moaned for his mistress.

"Say my name again he cried." I felt my blood boil, my entire body became hot, and I couldn't listen to that shit anymore. Naked bodies and shocked faces welcomed me as I kicked the door open. Mr. Muggles ran past me and down the stairs as the door to my bedroom flew open and hit the wall. Shrieks echoed through my home. Covers were quickly pulled over naked flesh. I waived the gun right at their faces; my finger itched to pull that trigger. I smiled through my anger.

“So this is what you do to me, this is how you repay me. After everything I have done for you” I glared at the woman that just had my husband all up in her. “I've wasted so much of me on you; I've wasted so much energy on you.” Tears made my eyes swell, but I didn’t let one tear fall. Eric quickly jumped out of the bed. His dick was no longer hard, sex and fear made the air in the room thick. Eric put his arms out as if they would stop bullets, I waived the gun around. My heart told me that what I was doing was crazy, my pulse was racing, my eyes shot from one end of the room to the other, my mane had fallen out of the bun it was so neatly in. Tears rolled down my eyes.

“Baby please I can explain!” he said as he reached for a towel to cover his manhood.

“Oh you can, let’s see what you come up with, I’ll give you a shot, you better make it good though. My finger is itching and believe me I will pull this trigger.” Eric was a shitty liar even worse at negotiating.

“I’ll be honest with you this is not the first time I’ve been with Maria” I took my attention off of Eric and focused on the woman that was sitting all up in my bed with the covers pulled over her breast. “Oh is that your name? You slut did you not know that this was a married man? Did you not care?” I waived the gun around some more. Maria was just about to explain herself, I cut her off. “Save it bitch, your lies will fall upon deaf ears just save it.” My attention was back on Eric.

“I’m still listening, this is not the first time..remember, keep going”

He just stood there like a deer in headlights I guess he thought I was going to take it easy on him. “Kahlie this is not the first time Maria and I have been together, I’m sorry I don’t know what I was thinking, I was going to break it off with her, this was going to be the last time. I swear to you this was the last time.” Maria looked surprised when he shared his feelings.

“Eric don’t play games with me, you’ll say whatever you need to say to ensure I won’t shoot your ass. This is between you and I, Eric.” I looked at Maria tears were rolling down her face I didn’t know if it was from the fear of being shot or whether it was from the fact that my husband dumped her either way I could care less and I wanted her out of my fucking house. I aimed my gun right at her head.

“Maria, I’ll give your trifling ass thirty seconds to get the fuck out of my house. But before you do that make sure I never see your face again, I better not even hear your name, I swear if I do I will kill you and that’s not a threat that’s a guarantee. Oh, and one more thing you better be fully dressed by the time you open my front door, I don’t need the neighborhood seeing a naked woman leaving my house. One…two…three..” By fifteen she had on her jeans and tank top. Flip flops on by seventeen. Maria was down the stairs and out the front door by the time I got to twenty-two with bra and panties balled up in hand.


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