I'm On The Tube

Monday, May 31, 2010


The Hurt

How did I get here? I thought to myself, the gag in my mouth tasted of sweat and blood, my sweat and blood. I wiggled and pulled I did all I could to get myself loose but there was no use. I was not going anywhere I was in a panic. My arms were tied and bound to my bedposts, and my legs were duct taped together. I was so confused, memories blurred, and my eyes were swollen from the chloroform or what I assumed was chloroform. I remember coming home and opening my front door, how I got in this position was a mystery and I was soon to find out who put me here.

I heard footsteps coming up my staircase. My breathing became heavier, my eyes searched the room in a panic, what could I do? I couldn’t even scream. Each breath I took was precious, each tear I cried had meaning, my life was about to end and I knew it.

The foot steps were closer, any second now I would be confronted by the devil. I used all my strength to try and break free, the duct tape burned my legs as it ripped my hairs out, the bed shook underneath me. My arms were stretched past their limits, I tried to free them. I heard a loud snap followed by searing pain. My arm was no longer in my shoulder’s socket. The pain was so gut wrenching, I didn’t even scream, I just let tears roll down my cheek. There was nothing more I could do, I closed my eyes and said a final prayer. When I opened my eyes my demon was standing over me……..


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