I'm On The Tube

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Poem: New Shit (8.27.09)

Just another day walking in my shoes, this lady sings no blues
These shoes, she moves, so smooth
My minds steady pace, keeps me moving forward in this cynical rat race
The universes greatest invention is me, is thee, is we..then why can't we all just be
Silly you and fucked up me why cant we all just be
I'm tired of these bills, people in my pocket
I got a baby to feed and a sick papa its all on me... Medicaid, medicare
No one cares this shit is so unfair, easy for the rich, harder for the poor
I don't need a hand out, I just need you to get up and shout
I need you to have my back, you're that other part of me
When the world pushes me back you stand behind me
You ensure that my kingdom will never fall
Your love for me is taller than the highest of highs and that I appreciate
That's what makes you great
So for that I thank you with every breath I take


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