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Monday, May 24, 2010

Just A Bit Annoyed

Why is it that every time I venture off into the hood I always see a Martin Luther King Drive or Way even Avenue. As I roll down that street or ave I always see abandoned buildings, homeless men and women, liquor stores and churches. Always coupled with fast food joints and run-down apartment buildings. What's up with that I just don't get it. Can someone please explain?

I feel so fortunate to have grown up where and the way I have. There was an overwhelming sadness that took over me as I rolled through the streets of the hood. So much nothingness, people okay with this. I felt ashamed Id never say I was one of them or they apart of me.

It is what it is, I'm not trying to be something better. I am better than that, I want better than that, to live the ways of the ghetto is not for me.
In no way am I trying to sound better than the next man but shit I am superior than that. I don't have to subject myself to such disgusts.

I am so proud of my mother for doing her damnedest to make sure I had a good life and upbringing. I owe her everything, my mom sacrificed for me, she did what a lot of people in the hood can't or wont do.

I just had to get some things off my chest. I'm not trying to offend or put down, I'm trying to make some want better and do better. There is so much life out there and there is so much living outside of the hood.

I'm sorry but gang banging is wack its for children and those ignorant of life's blessings, if you choose to run the streets just know you are a waste. A waste of space and breath, your mother should have aborted you cause this world just don't need you.

If I could I'd put all you NIGGAS; Black, White, Spanish, Asian, West Indian, and every race that I missed on an island and I'd exterminate you without a second thought.
There is no room for ignorance and all races have NIGGERS.

Life is beautiful and so short how can you waste such a gift??


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