I'm On The Tube

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Watched Him

He moved in his own world, maybe his mind was on his girl
There he stood nothing being said
I wanted to touch him I wanted to kiss his lips
He was something that I wanted the inner workings of desire so vivid and blue
He touched my arm and I wanted to soar through the roof
He is desire, he is love, he is my truth, our souls bound with love
I do want to see, i do want to be, with him on a daily, yearly, monthly
I'll take what I can get, any other lady will not be my threat
I'm secure in me, I would love for us to be, I'm just waiting on you to notice me
Look my way, acknowledge me, yes I am real
You are the man in my dreams the man that is for me
I'd kiss your hand, Ill send you the flowers, Ill be happy if we are blessed with an hour
I want to feed you, I need to need you, you are that "it" that I need

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