I'm On The Tube

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Chicago Transit

Okay now we all know I don't like to complain...yeah right! Anyway so as I waited on the platform in the subway I couldn't help but wonder, why are the freaking trains here so small. Now I get the fact that there are less people that ride the train here than there are in NY but when train after train after train stop let passengers off and I still cant get on and ride home...Because of all of the lame ass CUBS fans there's a problem.
I don't care how selfish of shallow this may sound, but if it is known that the Red Line lets people off right at CUBS stadium why not make the Red Line trains bigger..why make people suffer...also why is it that I cant use my freaking credit card to get a CTA card..and why is it that the, freaking good for nothing booth attendants are not allowed to combine balances on cards ...do you know how hard it is to clean out and completely use a CTA transit card?? OMG what a pain in the ass..Illinois has the highest tax in the nation and you mean to tell me, they cant do better. I'm so over the Chicago Transit Authority...IT FREAKING SUCKS


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